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by Roopak Gupta
Apr 14, 2021
Every now and then, Google makes a change to their core algorithm that puts a major impact on search engine rankings of websites across the internet. 
by Roopak Gupta
Apr 23, 2019
Jeremy is great at online marketing. He has got 60+ clients, and he leads a team of more than ten people. When he started out with his business, he was the hardest worker in town and he would get his clients real ...
by Roopak Gupta
Dec 20, 2016
Back in 2008, Google engineers had a search engine algorithm, a manually crafted one, and which site would rank where on what keyword was easily predictable. But with the onset of Hummingbird, it has got too confusing for the SEOs to figure out what makes a site rank better because it isn’t just keywords and it isn’t just the links.