Hureka Technologies Inc

Our Services

We help our clients cater to the tech-savvy world with user-friendly mobile apps for any platform. A technology partnership that aligns with your business goals. We let clients focus on business operations while we take care of the technology.

Digital Marketing

Learn more about your audience is and let us understand them with you so together, we can then take them and you from discovery to conversions

Chatbot/ML/AI Development

We provide AI chatbots for customer service that, learn with ML and NLP algorithms and can cater to your clients' and your needs

Mobile Application Development

We can develop a customized mobile app solution to meet your specifications and scale accordingly to satisfy user demands.

Web Application Development

Web Applications, they're amazing as they give you the power of apps and websites in one go! Let us transform your ideas into amazing Web Apps and bring them to life

AWS Consulting

Come spend time with our expert AWS consultants. Talk to them about their mastery in cloud migrations, system design, devops, automation, and deployment of applications on AWS (Amazon Web Services) infrastructure.

Startup Consulting

We at Hureka have been helping early stage entrepreneurs get their ideas and concepts off the ground. We've been in the Startup world for a very long time and believe that it is now our time to give back to the community. Come talk to us!

Well pretty much everybody!
We've had clients from almost every industry

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if I don’t see a service I need?

If you don’t see a service you need but feel we still might be able to do it, please shoot us an email or get in touch with Vaibhav Gupta from our team at If we can do it, we will, or we will refer you to people from our network who might help.

Will offshore dev teams affect communication with the teams?

No, absolutely not. Our offshore teams are available whenever you need them till up to 1:00 PM EST and should need arise, they will make themselves available at a time of the client’s need. You will also be assigned a New York based Project Manager who you can reach out to any time between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST.

Why are your dev teams offshore?

We believe that talent holds no specific geo-location. We want the most talented people on our team, and we’ve built offices where we’ve found the best concentrations of the finest talent.

Are you based out of New York?

Yes and No! We have our Administrative, Research, Branding and Design teams based in New York. Our Development and Marketing teams are based out of our other global locations in India and Thailand.

I did not use my 160 hours this month. What happens to my spare hours?

Requirements always change during the course of any project. We understand that there may be times where you might not have needed us all the way. Our Subscriptions are always rolling and all unused time is rolled on to the next month and available to you for a period of 90 days.

Can I mix and match talent?

Yes, you are absolutely welcome to mix and match our talent as per your needs. You have 160 hours a month per subscription with our entire talent and they are at your dispersal for the entirety of your subscription hours.

How much access can I get with the Hureka Talent?

Each subscription gives you 160 hours of access to our diverse team. With less intensive projects, we recommend half subscriptions and with heavier projects, we recommend doubling up your subscription.

Why the Subscription Model?

We understand that with lean startups, talent needs and requirements change and evolve with each stage of the product development process. Such talent changes can prove to be quite expensive if handled in house. This is why, with our Subscription Model, you gain access to our 40-member multi-skilled team based on your needs. And, with a fixed price subscription, your overheads do not change with your needs.

Who are Hureka Technologies?

Founded in xxxx, Hureka Technologies is the product of the dream of Roopak Gupta to ease the lives of other Entrepreneurs by simplifying and streamlining the process of building Digital Products.
Hureka Technologies is an end to end Digital Technology Subscription solution which offers the following services at a fixed monthly price:

  • Mobile Application Development – Native and Hybrid.
  • Web Application Development.
  • Web Platform Development.
  • Ecommerce Platform Development.
  • Digital Marketing and SEO.
  • Branding and Business Development.
  • Digital Platform management.

Who owns the IP produced?

All IP produced at Hureka belongs to our clients. We take IP ownership seriously and your product is yours and yours alone. We hold encrypted communication and storage channels at every stage to