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mTap Provides Platform to make a digital identity in this world.


Creating the digital identity of things is often micro-content, that's used on the go. Today's digital services are an over kill for such content & interaction model. Isn't there a need for a web made for & about the Things?

We created mTap, where user can create a digital profile and manage it. For individual users get a mTap public profile and share that link to anywhere and any platform. Also we provide a NFC card solution, which make user life to manage own public digital card with lot of functionality like share links, get connected , and more…

Also, mTap digital card is an NFC (Near Field Communications) enabled device that enables you to tap your connections iPhone or touch their Android phone and instantly create an explosive first impression.


  • Increased user efficiency. They can now create, edit, and update profile much faster.
  • Faster API response - from 8-9 seconds to 0.5-0.6 milliseconds.
  • Minimal code maintenance.
  • Reduce the time to run the semi-automated import process to less than a day with negligible manual intervention.
  • Improved system scalability to accommodate new datasets, handle higher traffic, and manage new business requirements.
  • Tap is created to enable you to not only make great connections, but also to make explosive first impressions. This is just the beginning of our need to send and receive information - safely, securely and with minimal contact.

Services offered:

  • Digital Identity, 
  • Public profiles, 
  • Share information, 
  • Receive information, 
  • Team management


Development Time


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