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The Ultimate Guide to SEO Content Services: Why It's Important


Research suggests that high-quality content and link building are the two most important signals google considers when ranking a website for search. This statistic is a testament to the importance of quality SEO content services. But, what are they and how do they work? We’ll explore the topic in this post
We’ll explain what SEO content services are, how seo content writing works, and why it is so important for your brand.

What are SEO content services?

​​The term "SEO content services" refers to a service that helps companies create content for their website in order to rank higher on search engines. This article will explain what this type of service entails, how it works, and why it's important for your brand.

What do SEO services include?

1. SEO audit

SEO audit

The marketing team will examine your website and its pages using an SEO audit. This process helps them understand how search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo! see the content on your site. They use this information to determine what can be improved (and ultimately help you boost ranking) in order to get a higher number of visitors from organic searches.

2.Competitive audit

Competitive audit

The marketing team will also examine your competitors' websites to see what they are doing right. They'll use this information as a benchmark or reference for improving content on your own site.

3.Custom strategy

Custom strategy

The company will then put together a custom strategy to meet your website's needs and help you achieve your business goals. This is done by identifying which keywords are most effective at getting traffic for your site, creating an SEO content schedule based on this information, and outlining all of the services offered.

4. On page optimization

On page optimization

This is where the company will make changes to your website's web pages in order for it to rank higher on search engines. This includes ensuring that all of its pages are optimized by including relevant keywords, making sure there isn't any duplicate content, and more.

The on-page optimization process will include the following techniques

Heading tag optimization: Heading tag optimization involves optimising the headings (h1, h2, h3, and so on) of your website. It helps search engines understand the relevance of the sub-headings in your content.

Title tag optimization:  Title tag optimization is a simple process of optimising the title tags on your website. The main goal here is to include relevant keywords that are related to your business and what you offer, as well as the target keyword phrase.

Meta descriptions: these are the short sentences that appear under your website's title in search results. These need to be compelling enough to convince people why they should click on your site, rather than the others listed above it in organic searches.

Meta descriptions are also important for improving click-through rates. This is because they can show up as snippets of your content in search results, which encourage people to visit the page that pops up under them.

5.Monthly reports

Monthly reports

The marketing team will  send you monthly reports that outline progress and any changes made throughout the month. This helps keep everyone on your team up-to-date on what's happening with your website content.

6.On-going optimization

In addition to monthly reports, the SEO services company will continue optimizing your content by tracking how new keywords and published articles impact rankings. This helps ensure that organic traffic continues increasing and you're getting a steady stream of new leads from search engines

What is the difference between SEO content and ordinary content?

The difference between SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content and "ordinary" content is that the former gets ranked higher on Google. This means you'll see more traffic to your website, resulting in increased engagement with current customers

Why is it important?

Your company's online presence can only be as strong as its content marketing strategy - which heavily relies on Search Engine Optimization. It helps you win organic market share, which translates to more views, clicks, and conversions.

How is content writing done?

How is content writing done

SEO content writing usually follows a straightforward process, as explained below

Choosing keywords

The first step towards creating Search engine optimized content is to choose a set of keywords. Keywords are related terms and phrases that people use when they search for information online, such as your product or service offerings. They're often used in conjunction with the target keyword phrase the writer intends to optimize on-page content around (which will be covered later).

Keyword choice is determined by the following factors

Share of voice: How many people are actively using keywords? This can be done by looking at both search volume and competition for them.

Competition : How competitive is each keyword in organic searches? To determine this, you'll look at the number of sites that already rank highly on Google for it. The higher these numbers are, the tougher it will be to compete for that keyword.

Search volume: How often does each keyword get searched? This is determined by looking at search volumes and its trend over time (which you'll need Google Analytics for)

Crafting a compelling title

The next step is to create a compelling title for the content. This is usually done by including your main keyword phrase, but in a way that's appealing and not overly-salesy.

Creating an SEO friendly URL 

The title is then turned into a URL, which helps search engine crawlers understand the topic of the page. This will include your target keyword phrase so Google knows what to rank it for.

Writing the actual article

Creating effective SEO content usually follows this process: the writer decides on how long it will be (500 words or more) then they start work in the article. (optimized around the keywords identified earlier).

Linking to relevant internal pages and external sources 

Once the article is finished, the writer adds relevant internal and external links to the content. This gives readers a good experience, and helps search engines better understand what the article is about.

Adding and optimizing images

Finally, the writer adds relevant images to the article. They'll be optimized for keywords related to your target phrase and industry, and compressed to ensure they don't affect page load speed.

What are the best SEO writing tools?

What are the best SEO writing tools

There are likely hundreds of SEO writing tools out there. But, not all of them are as good as they claim to be. 
Let's discuss some of the really good ones below

Frase lets you write, manage and track your content marketing efforts in one place. You can easily share your articles with customers or clients for feedback before publishing them live on the web. The platform's SEO score helps ensure that you're creating high-quality content - so Google ranks it higher when someone searches for what you offer


SurferSEO is a free SEO analysis tool that helps you optimize your content. It does so by checking how competitive (or easy) the keyword phrase will be to rank for, and letting you know what kind of link building or social media efforts it will take to succeed.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public takes a unique approach to keyword research by showing you what people across different search engines are searching for. You can use this information as inspiration for creating content that will generate organic traffic and help your company grow.

​​Google search console

Google search console lets you see how Google ranks your content. It's free to sign up for, and easy to use. You can also check what keywords are driving the most traffic, as well as which pages aren't ranking at all.

Moz Keyword Explorer

The Moz Keyword explorer is an excellent tool that helps you find keywords related to your niche. You can see search volumes, competition levels and more - all for free!

Google analytics

Google analytics is a great tool for tracking your website traffic. It can tell you what's been bringing readers to your site, as well as the types of devices they use. You can also see how long visitors stay on each page and where they exit from - all this information helps create more engaging content that keeps people interested in your brand.


Grammarly is a great tool for writers. It's an automated proofreader that helps you make sure your articles are error-free and ready to go live - without the need of another set of eyes!

Why you need SEO content services?

Why you need SEO content services

Cost efficiency

An SEO content service will have premium subscriptions to the best writing tools available. This means you'll always have the highest quality content at a fair price.

Ongoing optimisation

Since they specialise at a single task, an agency will devote all their attention to improving your organic search result rankings. This means they’ll be available to fix problems as soon as they arise, and help you grow your online presence


SEO content services keep up-to-date with the latest search algorithm changes.  This puts them in the best position to handle your content needs, as they have all the technical knowledge to ensure the best possible results.


SEO content services are important for anyone looking to grow their business online because they take the pressure off of busy company owners and marketing managers. Not only can agencies write high-converting SEO content faster than one person could do alone, but they also


You can create as much content as needed without having to hire more writers - making it great for small and large businesses alike. You also dont need any technical knowledge or skills, so even if your marketing team doesn't understand SEO,  your service provider will walk them through everything they need to do, like monitoring key metrics.

The takeaway 

SEO content writing is a great way to get traffic to your website. Although the process may seem straightforward, it is long and remarkably complex, so you need a seasoned professional to increase your chances of success. 
If you already have someone like this on your team, they’ll guide your process and show you what to do. 

If you don't, you should consider hiring a professional third-party, as they can get the work done at a fraction of the cost of finding and hiring an in-house team. 
Hurekatek  has got a talented team of SEO professionals and writers who’re ready to help you achieve your vision. Give us a call, we’ll have our team discuss your strategy and show you how our SEO approach can grow your brand.