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Roopak Gupta
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For every single one of your eureka moment, we can get you Hureka - Incubation till you secure seed.


Share your passion and you'll realize we're not different since we've done the journey ourselves, only there was no Hureka to sail us through the torrid ride. With such an incredible responsibility we can do nothing but justice to what has been your dream. With your blueprint ready you’ve gone a mile already. The journey ahead is still daunting enough to crackle the most stable of minds. May we ask – Why re-invent the wheel? Allow us to tackle both – the inception and your apprehensions.

Even when you find it hard to come to terms about the possibilities and risks, our shell insulates you from most. 


Every toddler learns to walk eventually but at times it happens a bit too late. Don’t be a headcount in those numbers. Let’s draw your attention towards the iteration cycles that we master –

  • POC (Proof of concept)
  • Stable and Scalable Cloud Platform
  • OOB (Out of the box) Performance 
  • Incremental stack
  • Pitching Strategies and content
  • Growth Strategies with phased development
  • Accumulative Modular Costing

It sure might sound Greek to the starry eyed but eventually you’ll face them – prepared or unprepared. More often than not, they take a toll and grind the whole process to a halt. It sure helps to be knowledgeable but it definitely spells success to be equipped with the right gear.


Badges, you may ask, to get acquainted with our claims?

What’s the catch, you may ask? Hureka is literally an open book with a solid cover while taking charge of any incubation. We act like such concepts incept from our stable and are very protective about taking it to the success it deserves – yes that’s the sole catch. Be open and proud with an undeterred belief and hunger for success, our key recipe (secret smiley). 

Roopak Gupta

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