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Top 5 benefits of hiring a healthcare digital marketing agency.

healthcare digital marketing agency
Roopak Gupta
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The health care industry is more competitive than ever before. If you own or manage a practice, hiring a healthcare digital marketing agency is one of the best ways to achieve new growth 

Here’s why

The benefits of hiring an agency

A healthcare digital marketing agency will build on your current progress.

benefits of hiring an agency

Most marketers assume that hiring an agency means they'll come with fresh ideas and build everything from the ground up. 
This is an understandable and sometimes necessary course of action. However, it isn’t always required. Your agency can work with and optimize your current strategies to maximize results and increase cost-efficiency.

A digital marketing agency will evaluate all your current efforts, form search engine optimization to social media engagement, and determine the best approach to improving your efficiency.  With this approach, you'll get to preserve all the progress that you've made over the years.

They’ll have the tools and skills to help you plan out and implement old ideas or rework them to fit the current business environment without disrupting your business operations

An agency devotes more resources to growing your business than an in-house team


One of the most significant benefits of hiring an agency to manage your digital marketing operations is that it will be their only objective. Your in-house team members probably have multiple roles within the practice. While this versatility is helpful, it also means they cant achieve the same level of effectiveness as a dedicated team.

Since a healthcare digital marketing agency specializes only in online marketing, they will have more time to focus on your agency and can deliver better results than what you could with an in-house team. They'll also achieve those results in a much shorter time.
An agency will also have the tools and knowledge to deliver meaningful success within your budget.

Real-time strategy changes as digital marketing platforms evolve 


Change is the only constant in digital marketing. Healthcare digital marketing agencies always stay up to do date with important digital trends so they can thrive. This includes changes to search and social algorithms, privacy policies, and other development that go unnoticed by the general public. 

A digital agency enables creative problem solving 


Besides suggesting new ideas, Bringing in a fresh set of eyes to the table will give you a fresh perspective on your industry, target market, and marketing effectiveness.

Your financial success heavily relies on how good your agency is at adopting new perspectives and adapting to change. An agency will consistently develop new solutions and techniques to achieve results. Their approach just may be what your business needs to reach the next stage of growth.

Perhaps their ideas could keep your practice alive, or maybe you've found an opportunity that they could help you exploit.

Hiring a digital marketing agency is less expensive 


Hiring an external agency will seem expensive at first. but, when you really compare the cost of in-house marketing to that of hiring an external team, you will find that the agency is cheaper.

Digital agencies work as independent contractors, which means you won’t need to pay taxes or add them to the payroll. Also, you won’t need to pay recurring costs like salaries, sick leave, and others, like you would for a typical employee.

Besides, most agencies work on a per-project basis, which lets you decide how much to spend, and when you'll spend it.  All the services they offer are scalable. Unlike an in-house team, which might struggle to match your practice's growing needs, an agency will easily scale to your requirements. You simply tell them what your objectives are and let them take over.

Agencies also help you save money using their resources. Whether it’s auditing, keyword research, or performance metric analysis, every marketing service will have professional tools that enable them to deliver good services. You won’t need to worry about purchasing subscriptions or licenses. The agency will have them.

what to consider when hiring a healthcare digital marketing agency.

Are they trustworthy and credible?

healthcare digital marketing agency

the digital marketing agency you choose to partner with should be authoritative, credible, and trustworthy. One way to tell if they have these attributes is to research them online. what are their reviews like? Do they have a substantial online presence?

Look for evidence of recognitions, certifications on the agency's website. You should review platforms like google my business and yelp to assess how existing clients have reviewed and rated the agency. you could also try running an advanced google search by typing the agency's name under inverted commas to find mentions on other well-known online publications or news websites.

Do they have sufficient Healthcare industry experience?


Healthcare providers must adhere to a stringent set of guidelines to preserve patient safety and avoid regulatory penalties. You should work with a digital agency that understands and respects these rules.

Before you sign an agreement, ask your agency for a list of past and present clients in the healthcare industry, and review their work. Did they implement HIPPAA compliant processes for patient communication? Did they achieve satisfactory results?

Are they results-driven?


Marketing is an investment, so you should see accountability for how every dollar is spent. Ask your agency to explain how their efforts will directly contribute to your objectives and goals. Don’t accept meaningless promises and attitudes.

Your practice can not afford to invest money into marketing campaigns that aren’t generating returns or even worse, that aren’t measured in any way. A reliable healthcare digital marketing agency will know how to optimize for your target audience, and budget, and use all the resources available to provide meaningful results.


Overall, a healthcare digital marketing agency will give you fresh ideas and help you implement them to achieve the best possible results.

Outsourcing your marketing needs will give you the assistance you need without the challenges associated with hiring new employees - an often time-consuming and costly venture. An agency will give you the support you need to grow. 

Roopak Gupta