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Healthcare Marketing Consulting: Why does your healthcare brand need it?

healthcare marketing consulting
Roopak Gupta
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What is healthcare marketing consulting? 

Healthcare marketing consulting

Healthcare marketing consulting is a process through which a team of consultants provides strategic advisory guidance to pharmaceutical corporations, hospitals, and medical equipment providers, and governments on the most successful and efficient ways to deliver healthcare services. 

What services do healthcare marketing consultants offer?

Healthcare marketing consulting companies offer various services that can grow your brand. 

They include;

Website Design

Website Design

Most patients will search online for a local practice. 97% of people learn more about local brands online than any other source, and nearly 90% of all local business searches end either in a call or visit within 24 hours. 

This should be proof enough that you need to have a reputable online presence for your organization, starting with a high-quality website.

It’s not just about your reputation - there are more practical benefits too.

Have you ever endured waiting in a doctor's office, even when with an appointment, for what feels like an eternity? a website helps you take care of all this and give your patients a satisfactory experience. It can have an appointments section that helps you and your patients manage meetings online.

Search Engine Optimization

Your practice will suffer if it doesn’t appear on the first page of search engine results because patients won’t invest much time in looking further. Your consultants will use the latest SEO strategies to ensure your practice is seen by the most people.

Competitor analysis

competitor analysis

Your consultants will evaluate the websites of other physicians and doctors in your region, paying specific attention to estimated traffic and keywords, then develop an action plan to help you beat your competition when patients do a web search.

On-page optimization

The results from the competitor analysis will guide your website's optimization process. your consultants will improve your site's keywords, navigation, structure, linking strategy, and more to boost your organic rankings.

Off-page optimization

Besides improving your website, your consultant will implement several off-site strategies to improve your search ranking position, like setting up a google my business page, and monitoring search engine submissions.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Most patients will trust online reviews as much as recommendations from family and friends. Healthcare marketing consultancy services will help you manage your reputation so you attract new patients.

There are several ways reputation management will help you do this.let’s discuss them below

It will build credibility

Tracking your mentions and opinions about your company will help resolve potential reputation problems before they happen.

It will attract talent

Effective reputation management draws positive recommendations from your audience. they will likely envision your company as a great place to work, encourage people within their circles to join you.

Content marketing

Content marketing

Content marketing generated 3 times more leads in 2017 than paid advertising. Nearly half of all patients will view at least 3 pieces of content before contacting a company's sales representative. 

Patients have an almost endless list of doctors and physicians to choose from. The best way to win their attention is through compelling, educational content.

it will take more than just writing a blog article for your content marketing to pay off. you need to know what topics to cover, when to post, and how to engage your audience.

that’s where health marketing consultancy comes in. they can help you determine the most appropriate topics and content types to grow your readership, then develop appropriate strategies to convert those prospects into paying clients.

Staff training

Staff training

A healthcare marketing consultant will provide customer service training for your staff. this will teach your employees to convert patient calls to appointments, attract the ideal patients, stimulate patient-to-patient referrals, optimize your marketing strategies and tactics

How do I know I need health care marketing consulting?

Healthcare marketing consultant

Unsatisfactory marketing performance

One of the best reasons to hire a consultant is a decline in your marketing performance. They'll help you identify the gaps in your strategy and propose effective solutions. 

Your consultants will know the problem lies somewhere in your marketing mix. they will identify it and offer actionable solutions to enhance your performance. They will also optimize strategies for retaining your existing patients.

Entering new markets

Penetrating new markets presents a unique set of challenges that could hinder your success. That's why you need to hire local experts who understand your consumers. the consultants will help you find market segments that fit your business interests. they also help manage the expansion of services or existing products into these new territories

High cost per acquisition

If you're spending too much on pay-per-click ads and other paid digital marketing channels. There could be a problem with your setup and strategy. A consultant could help you resolve these issues. 

You want to improve your reputation

Your reputation as a healthcare brand is one of your most valuable assets. Patients and referrals lose faith in your services without it. A proficient healthcare marketing consultant will give an honest evaluation of your services. if there's something wrong with your practice, they will point it out so you can fix it.

Once you've improved your care standards, your consultant will work to improve and protect your reputation.

What are the benefits of hiring a healthcare marketing consultant?

benefits of hiring a healthcare marketing consultant

Hiring a healthcare marketing consultant will help your business grow in several ways. We’ll discuss them below

Healthcare marketing consulting will boost patient turnup 

One of the major issues facing healthcare providers today is the low turn-over of new patients.

Unfortunately, some providers are not keen to invest in marketing.

Are you one of them?

If yes, then its time for you to employ a skilled healthcare marketing consultant to assist you in identifying the source of your lack of new patients and design a marketing strategy to boost your numbers.

Healthcare marketing consulting will draw your marketing strategy

The goal of every healthcare facility's strategic marketing plan is to attract new patients while keeping existing ones. 
If you don't have a strategy, your marketing plan will struggle to succeed.


Because a medical marketing consultant is also a strategist, the expert will collaborate with you to overcome any obstacles to your company's growth.

Healthcare marketing consulting will build your reputation

Whether you own a hospital, a private clinic, or an assisted living home, your reputation is everything. Patients will lose trust in your services if you have a negative reputation. An professional healthcare marketing consultant will evaluate your business and make recommendations to help you improve the quality of treatment you provide. 

Furthermore, the professional will ensure that your reputation is safeguarded.

Your audience will need to make informed decisions before you work together.

You'll need to educate them before that can happen. your communication strategy will address their concerns and fears, while educating them about on they need to know about working with your brand

Healthcare marketing consulting helps you beat your competitors

Are you losing patients to your competitor?

Consider hiring a healthcare marketing consultant if you've noticed that you're losing patients to your competition.

They will do a competitive analysis to uncover all of the flaws.

How to choose a healthcare marketing consulting firm?

choose a healthcare marketing consulting firm

With a growing number of healthcare facilities and providers in the industry, selecting a healthcare consulting firm demands careful consideration.
That option might be overwhelming as hospitals try to maintain a level of financial sustainability.

  • Do they have knowledge and experience in the healthcare sector? 
    Healthcare consulting firms that know the industry keep track on and measure the trends that affect their clients. Asking these questions will help you find the right firm:
    • How do they establish their credibility and insight?"
    • Is there evidence of thought leadership and a successful track record?
  • Do they have a niche?
  • What is their sector experience?
  • What is their attitude towards technology?
  • Experience with innovative marketing


I can't stress enough how important it is to do your homework before hiring a healthcare marketing consultant. They must have a long history of successfully delivering solutions.

Roopak Gupta