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How having an online presence can make or break your business?

How having an online presence can make or break your business?
Roopak Gupta
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Online and Offline, we are all familiar with this lingo now. 

But the real question here is, 'Are you online yet?' 

To be more specific does your business has an online presence? 

Do you know how much time do your customers spend online these days?

According to a survey published by Google, ‘ 97 % of consumers search for local businesses online. 

Your customers are online, and it’s high time you should be too.

What does it mean to have an online presence?

Online presence is defined as the existence of an individual or a business that can be obtained via an online search. (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) 

  • Offering your business- big or small an online presence is more than just simply putting up a fancy website with the company's address and phone number.
  • Having an online presence implies that you build up virtual versions of your business everywhere- all the social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.) and post relevant information with an objective to have your clients or customers glued to your business- product or service alike. 

Why is it important to have an online presence?

Having an online presence can make or break a business. Having an online presence is crucial because of the following reasons: 


The Internet doesn't come with 'Sorry; we're closed now.' board sign or strict visiting hours policy.
This feature of the Internet allows your customers to check your company out for its product and services and reach out to you anytime from the comforts of their homes or office cubicles.
Your online presence works for you and your fellow customers 24*7.

  • Branding, Brand awareness and, Brand management is often massive concepts that go hand in hand.
  • A common objective of all the three mentioned above is to educate the customers about your product or services, build their trust and earn their loyalty. 
  • A happy customer is likely to come back to you again and tag along with the like-minded people and vice-versa. 

Greater audience

  • Your office space is geographically crippled. Just a few miles and some extra storeys but that’s not the thing with the Internet. The Internet is across continental boundaries. 
  • With millions of users worldwide, your customers are no longer confined to a particular place or city. You can have an audience worldwide. 
  • The Internet also bestows upon you to connect with them easily. 
  • Clothing lines would be the perfect example of this. 

Reduced marketing costs

  • Traditional methods of marketing rob you of your budget. 
  • Lower or fewer costs are incurred on online marketing or when you have an online presence.
  • You can expect great exposures, generate multiple leads and reap profits in abundance. 

Okay, So where do I get started from? 

Begin right from scratch.

  • Build up a great website. 
  • Make your website mobile friendly. Today, mobile searches are exceeding desktop and tablet searches.
  • Integrate all your social media accounts and keep them regularly updated. Remember what may work on one type of platform may not on another. 
  • Great quality content and compelling CTA. 
  • Hire an SEO expert
  • Develop excellent marketing strategies. So, put your thinking hats on!
  • Nothing engages your fans and followers like 'Giveaways or contests.' Invest a bit here also. 

We hope your business now will have a constant green!

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