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NYC SEO Campaigns to Successfully Generate Leads: 4 Lead Generation Settings (Part I)

4 Lead Generation Settings
Roopak Gupta
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The key objective of running a successful lead generation campaign is to generate leads.

It is a long process, so the article will present you with the first part to give you an overview of the lead generation settings.

It is not easy to use each setting for lead generation to its best potential, so contact professionals to help you manage them and run a successful NYC SEO campaign.

They can help you streamline your settings to reach quality leads with their expertise.

4 Major Settings That You Must Have Before Diving Deep Into Lead Generation 

1. Content Marketing Strategy

It is a strategic plan to focus on generating and distributing educational content to your target audience with consistency.

The strategy's main goal is to drive your audience through the sales funnel. They must see you as an expert, trust, and contact you to make a purchase. 

a) Look For Relevant Traffic Sources

Social media has become a vital part of everyone's daily routine, so it's no wonder that many companies include it in their marketing plan. It has many advantages compared to other platforms and above all, it's free. 

Ads do come in handy but it is best to run campaigns without investing a dollar by engaging rather than pitching to your audience.

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You can offer useful and relevant content to engage the audience. For instance, if you are a handbag retailer, then your customers aren't looking for fire safety advice. Your readers want more in-depth info on the handbags, different styles, and other stories.

b) Landing Page Optimization

The landing page is a great way to generate leads, however, it may not work for you if it doesn't have a proper structure.

You must produce a compelling copy that can discuss the consumer's desires, fears, and solutions to them. You can increase the possibility of purchase when you address all their concerns.

Do not let your consumers have a way out, so take off the navigation bar from the landing page. It is just a distraction and can take away the visitor from the page. Also, refrain from creating clutter by using worthless graphics, information, and sidebar.

c) Create Lead Magnets

Design a well-planned lead magnet that attracts visitors by offering valuable information like guides, checklists, eBooks, etc. 

The essential aspect that one needs to bear in mind is that it should be absolutely specific and irresistible. Frame the subject of the headline of the lead magnets, like "101 Ways To Improve Your Outdoor Gardening or Top 5 Ways To Create Blog Titles".

You can attract their attention by the number of tips and being hyper-specific can ensure that people interested in that niche are going to approach you.

d) Produce Engaging Content

The effective way to generate leads is via inbound marketing. Your consumers are continuously looking for solutions, be the one that provides that solution. 

However, it gets competitive but the aspect that makes the difference adds sufficient value. Consistency is a key factor that can make all the difference as it will create trust when you deliver a constant stream of content and traffic to your website.

The most important aspect is to place lead magnets and link them to the best fits. All articles must have a lead magnet, especially the piece of content that's receiving the most visitors.

2. Lead Generating Website

As the heading is self-explanatory, it implies generating and nurturing new business leads.

There are variations in the lead type. For example, one website may look for recruitment, and the other may be interested in generating more subscriptions.

a) Add Form To The Page With Most Traffic

It's essential to benchmark the current lead generation state before you start tracking your success and decide where you need to improve. The common spaces where business may hope to get the most visitors:

i) Email Marketing

ii) Social Media

iii) Live Chat Blog Posts

After identifying where the leads are coming from, you can create more pages they land on with content that can nurture the visitor's interests. For instance, you go through your analytics tools and see that the potential leads are landing by clicking the inbound links via the FB to your website.

You should update the pages that they are visiting the most and engage your visitors on your website. The addition of long-form content to pages with most visits can help you gather contact information on leads.

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b) Calculate Every Lead Generator's Performance 

You can use tools to evaluate the performance of all existing lead generation sources including CTAs and landing pages. It will help you gather feedback to enhance your content.

Additionally, compare the performance of your landing pages to find the ones that are underperforming to improve their content approach & layout. 

The end step to the overall process is to run internal reports by calculating CTA clicks, landing page visits, page shares, etc., to ascertain the offers that are performing better than others to replicate the results.

c) Optimize Each Step Of The Lead Generation Process

Suppose that the user is searching for best SEO practices and lands on your blog post, "Top 10 SEO Practices That You Must Follow," it's best to link an offer to book a free consultation on SEO strategy. The offer should be related to that specific subject.

Start tracking the visitor behavior as soon as they land on the website to understand the conversion path. It begins with visitors' visit to the site and ends with them sharing their info by filling up the form and becoming a lead. But every path doesn't end with the desired objective.

It is time to optimize the conversion path to achieve the desired goal and a higher number of leads and conversions. Conduct A/B testing to analyze to test the three vital aspects of the lead generation process:

i) CTAs

ii) Landing Pages

iii) Thank You Pages

3. Content Calendar

It is a resource tool to plan the content marketing activities for digital marketing. The main advantage of a content calendar is visualizing and strategizing how you distribute your content. It helps you stay on schedule, and focus to keep your content, plan, and strategy in line. 

This data helps you address the target audience by touching on many topics like promotions, campaigns, and pain points of the audience. You can also organize by planning all the moving parts of a blog such as CTAs, images, campaigns, publish dates, etc.

The items you need to include in your content calendar are framing titles, assigning authors, deciding on the CTA for the piece of content, tracking code, related campaign, shareable document link, etc. This helps you plan ahead and organize multiple factors that can help you deliver results.

4. Customer Relationship Management System

Its chief goal is to gather prospective information. The data includes email address, phone number, content downloads, mailing address, etc. You can also customize this to show the information your organization is looking for.

Businesses have understood the CRM software impact in marketing as per the advanced CRM analysis reports. It helps take a competitive edge with segmentation features to create shared target customers, improve campaign messaging, and profit from campaign reporting, and profit from the opportunity pipeline.

There is a unique process of every CRM of managing and tracking leads to see the lead status in that process. You can also track the customer's number contacting in the past week or month, their queries, etc. you can generate particular reports and analyze them to your benefit.

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