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Is Social Media A Showstopper Or Just A Side Character In SEO?

Social Media
Roopak Gupta
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Marketing Experts are continually discussing, examining, establishing a relationship between content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

In any case, many consider that social media is the new element that requires to be in the blend. Contemplate search rankings as a cards game, maybe, with social media being your secret hand.

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Is There Any Link Between Social Media & Search Engines?

Can the connection between social media and search engines be the trump card for your business? A secret hand is generally hidden, and Google is the lord at keeping secrets.

With that in mind, obviously characterizing the connection between social media and SEO isn't simple. Although, there is a link that needs no proof.

In this post, we will analyze the link between SEO and social media. Learn more to know whether social media is a game-changer!

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The Potential Strength Of Social Media Behind SEO

In 2014, Google reported that social signals don't affect rankings. Usually, this piece of data came as a stun to numerous marketers.

There was the relevance of the engagement metrics such as Twitter followers, Facebook likes, etc. The quality, reliability, and authority represent something. Although there are many grounds that social media plays a vital role in influencing SEO rankings.

According to a 2018 Hootsuite study, reveals that social shares can expand content reach by an average of 22% In this way, it doesn’t directly affect SEO, and social media isn't something you can ignore in content marketing.

3 Links Between SEO And Social Media

1. Social Media Profiles Ranking

The social media shares impact a website page's search engine rankings is doubtful. Be that as it may, related social media profiles unquestionably spring up these rankings. Additionally, they frequently appear in the top brand names search results!

For example, if you Google "Hureka Technologies," you will discover our Facebook profiles related to the term in the search engine results.

Not only this, but you can spot LinkedIn profiles just above it! And for your information, this is not a tricky plot to get hits! It displays how your social media profiles also rank in search engine results.

Additionally, this applies to every social media platform, from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube. You should take this opportunity and use the visibility to good use.

Social media profiles are engaging as they give organizations a more personal touch. Thus, having a couple of social media channels that help you produce content is an enjoyable approach to engage customers.

Additionally, try to make these content posts enrapturing. Each share, like, retweet matters a lot!

2. Rankings, SEO, And Social Media Backlinks

Google unmistakably asserts that a profile authority's social signals don't influence the SEO algorithm. Although, you may consider whether that applies to links posted on social media accounts.

For instance, say your Twitter blog entry goes viral or receives too much attention. A query you probably have is whether the links influence the search rankings of the original posts. Google hasn't currently let the whole truth out.

Nonetheless, Matt Cutts, a software engineer on YouTube video, states that Google crawls on every site and also social media for data.

Google deals with social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on, just like a standard web page when they index them. In this way, if Google can crawl on trending posts from the websites, they will appear in Google Search results.

OptinMonster also claims that social media benefits SEO rankings during 2019 analysis.
It is not yet confirmed, but Google probably checks social media links as reliable backlinks. Still, social media accounts are useless to search engines.

3. Social Media Channel Or Its A Mini Search Engine?

With how mainstream social media is, it's nothing unexpected that people trust search engine results. Indeed, presently people even utilize social media channels to search for many items. Now how such a thing will function.

Let's assume you are a content marketing company that is a novice user of the Twitter platform. Well, your activeness can help you promote your content, and you can turn this platform into a distribution channel. Even a simple search quest for tweets can lead to your content posted on your Twitter account, and people can reach it.

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Also, if your business focuses on eye-grabbing content with visual images, you must use Instagram and Pinterest.

Before starting, you can visit some similar profiles to pick on a few tricks up your sleeve. These posts also require pin categorization, hashtag use, etc. Users look into your profile to become more familiarized with your business before they invest time to read your blog posts.

Hence, try to make a positive impact on varying social media stages. A vital action of this process is to make it simple for users to discover your social media handles.

If you have multiple accounts on a single social media platform, you must create a demarcation if you are using it for different purposes. Or, you must delete additional accounts to remove the confusion among your followers. The people searching for your profile can also easily spot you like that.

How Do Facebook Ads Work

How To Wield The Power Of SEO & Social Media The Right Way?

You are fortunate to cash in even the tiniest promotion in the case of content marketing. Additionally, it's free of cost when you do it the right way. Below are a few handy tips you can use to unveil the real potential with social media use:

  1. Share buttons on social media
    Include these on your blog pages and website to encourage sharing. The more users share your content, the more traffic you can direct to your website to improve your search engine rankings!
  2. Use keyword strategy
    There is a fine line between search engines and social media. You can add SEO keywords to social media content. Nevertheless, be cautious about keyword stuffing.
  3. Link presentation/video
    If you are using YouTube or any other video-sharing platform, you can link it to related content. These will help increase traffic and generate inbound links.
  4. Link social media profiles
    As we already know that social media content can rank in search results. You can use this factor to your benefit and add links in the content to help in post promotion.
  5. Grow social media reach
    Make it your objective to post quality content and increase engagement through all your social media accounts. Doing so won't just improve your reach, but additionally, generate more inbound links.


All indications point towards the fact that social media impacts your search rankings.

So, without missing out on this opportunity, the businesses and marketers should broaden their SEO strategy to include this aspect.

Not only can social media boost traffic to your website but also affect your search engine rankings.

It's pretty much the Three Musketeers: Content marketing, SEO, & Social Media that you must include in your strategy.

Hureka Technologies is the top SEO company in NJ to help you define your social media strategy and add the essentials to boost your presence.

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Roopak Gupta