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Wondering How To Win The Semantic Search Game? Read This!

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Roopak Gupta
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Part III Of IV: 8 Tips to Effective Variety

"Variety's the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor." - William Cowper

We examined 8 Tips To Gain Effective Volume in Part I of this blog post series. In Part II, we explored 8 Tips to Effective Velocity. 

In each part of these posts, we explore the 8 components to win the game of Semantic Search, as sketched in the book of David Amerland’s Google Semantic Search.

1. Content

2. Social Engagement

3. Social Media Profile

4. Website Traffic

5. User-Generated Content

6. Social Interaction

7. Links

8. Mentions

In this part of the series, we are going to examine 8 Steps to Effective Variety. Now there are 8 distinct kinds of content weapons in your arsenal that you can use to positively impact these 8 dimensions.

1. Blogging 

The blog is the starting line if you are just starting with content marketing. It will be the center of the content marketing universe and help you as the hub of all content you create, share, and attract readers to visit your website.

Below are the 8 tips to become an efficient blogger:

i) Write Compelling Titles

You will not get any readers for your blog posts if you are unable to grab their attention with a compelling title. 

The titles are like a billboard to catch attention and influence them to shift their lanes. You need to attract people away from their distractions and preoccupations. 

ii) Tell Stories

Everyone loves stories and the more realistic story you create, the more reader's attention you can hold. It will help you write an interesting post.

Now, how can you create stories? It's simple just keep an eye out on your business, trends, challenges, etc., and write about it.

iii) Find Your Voice

Every one of us has our own unique writing style. You need to find your writing voice and stick to it. Don’t try to be someone else. 

Not everyone is going to love your writing voice, but make sure that those who do love your voice hear your voice consistently.

iv) Draft Well Knit Paragraphs 

Not many people can navigate content with efficient comprehension and speed. You need distinguished reading skills to scan and skim through the web. 

You have to draft your paragraphs in a well-knit manner that doesn't go beyond three sentences.

v) Design Matters

The content design matter as even when the paragraphs are well-drafted, there are text walls. You also will want to add images to make your post look more consumable. 

Additionally, try different things with several fonts, colors, and highlights, and other factors, making it simple to read and visually engaging.

vi) Don’t Sell

Your blog post isn't a commercial. 

There is just no spot in blogging for brazenly playing your advertisement and trumpeting your "purchase now" message. Simply don't do that!

vii) Add a No-Risk CTA

Obviously, you're not blogging just to get your words out on the Internet. You need to convert your visitors into leads and your leads into consumers. 

How would you do that? You help them purchase – when they are prepared – by giving considerably more free content. 

viii) Be Consistent

Blogging requires to be an essential part of your routine every week. 

You require to determine how frequently you can post and discipline yourself to stick with that schedule. How frequently? At least once a week is necessary!

2. Reports

We are looking at everything here from white papers, free reports, digital books, etc.

Your reports can be about anything fascinating to your readers or provide helpful information. It can also answer their questions and give insight.

The same rule applies to report as it is not a place to advertise your products or services. You can add information about what you do, providing free consultation, or more information.

It must have subtle signs and not blatant advertisements about your company, product, or services. Just provide great information and let your content speak volumes about your authority and credibility.

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3. Case Studies

Case studies are a different thing altogether.

The content of the reports discusses the interests of people at the top of the sales funnel. It is basically for those who are starting to get to know you and want to know more.

Case studies are written particularly for prospects who are deeper in your sales funnel. It is proof of your abilities and experience. However, it is a report of a single consumer success story.

MarketingProfs's Ann Handley shares an outline for an easy formula of four steps to produce an efficient case study in ContentRules.

i) Setup

Share some basic facts like rank, name, and serial number.

ii) Challenge

Stick to the human side of the story by focusing on real people and how challenging it is to deal with their problems.

iii) Solution

It's time to be a superhero so break out your tights and cape to show off your superpowers.

iv) The Results

When summarising your lessons, make the readers feel how they will benefit from them, and it is there, "live happily ever after" moment.

4. FAQ’s

Many businesses fail to benefit from this section of their website. The core of Google’s semantic search is your search marketing game success rate on how your website can answer the user queries.

Then give it a thought that what is your FAQs utility. It is to answer the questions! Now you a fantastic opportunity to frame every possible question your customers can have and write engaging answers.

This section is of great importance to attract visitors and convert them into buying customers.

Be authentic when creating your FAQ section and make it fun. Make your visitors have a great impression of you so that your corporate attorneys don't have to write your replies.

5. Images

Photos and images help you give your brand a face. It doesn't have to be intimidating. The fact is that anyone with a smartphone can become a photographer for your business. 

In case you want a higher photo quality, you can get a digital camera before you step towards hiring a professional photographer.

The vital factor is to tag and share your photos and make sure it is labeled. A photograph is worth more than 1,000 words, but a few words help search engines and visitors understand what they are looking at.

 You do need a professional photographer for specific things like your products, events, and your people need quality. And this only a professional can deliver. 

6. Podcasts

It is a simple but powerful tool to record the audio format of your content and deliver it on the web. 

Will, you ever need to podcast? Yes! You have to.

However, it isn't as appealing as video, but there is a rising number of listeners who enjoy it while walking, driving, or just sitting on their system and multitasking.

Several brands have created a podcast in a daily series of broadcasts and add guest interviews to provide more depth to it, like in talk radio. 

7. Webinars

It is an online conference that you can deliver through the Web. In case you use a PowerPoint presentation to interact and click some buttons by using software to deliver a Webinar.

It doesn't imply that you can't deliver a fabulous webinar. A successful webinar can influence participants on multiple levels, so you require both audio and visual presentation properly.

 But you need to move fast over the content and NEVER read the slides to people. Just generate excitement and enthusiasm. It is a fact that in content marketing, there is no place for advertisement, but you can make an appealing offer. 

Your first task should be to inform, educate, and inspire. Once you do that, you are all set to go and make the offer.

8. Videos

Video is the holy grail of content marketing, and nothing is more compelling than it.

It is a powerful tool to help you highlight real stories of your company, and it includes outside sources with credibility and real people. Essentially, videos help you engage viewers with music, spoken voice, and moving images that will touch your viewers than content.

First, you should write a story and shoot a video scene by scene, like your creating a movie. Although a professional can deliver much better quality work than you can ever with a web camera, this shouldn't stop you from creating videos until you can afford such services.

Videos carry vital search marketing value, and with all content marketing, you require to begin and learn how to produce better videos. You must not be afraid of failing, but do it as fast as possible!

Wrap Up

Variety is the spice of life and a critical element to winning the semantic search game. 

This is Wondering How To Win The Semantic Search Game? Read This! 

Part III: 8 Tips to Effective Variety. 

If you missed Part I: 8 Tips To Gain Effective Volume and Part II: 8 Tips to Effective Velocity, then you can revisit these blog posts and read all about them.

And stay tuned for Part IV of this blog post series to about 8 Tips 8 to Effective Veracity.

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