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5 Reasons Why Using Chatbots in Retail Is A Must

5 Reasons Why Using Chatbots in Retail Is A Must
Roopak Gupta
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When your employees are working to their full potential, why do you need to spend on this new technology? Why use those computer programs that would kill livelihood of many?

The answer is right in front of you. You just need to see it. Let us help!

Why Use Chatbots in Retail?

1. Improved Customer Service

Why are your employees spending hours in answering the basic queries? A chatbot can not only do that but can also recommend products that the customer is most likely to buy or is trying to find out from your catalog.

Tommy Hilfiger recently launched a chatbot that combines both customer support and a recommendation engine into a chatbot.

Sephora, a cosmetics brand, also uses chatbots to answer basic queries and help customers schedule a call with their support executive.

2. Chatbot Is The New Recommendation Engine

Ever took time to admire the recommendation engine of e-commerce giant, Amazon? It’s one of the best examples of machine learning for retail in action.

Chatbot isn’t just for answering queries. In retail, you can combine various machine learning technologies; personalized for your needs, or of course, we can combine them for you. Call us to know more about chatbots development and how Hurekatek can help. 

3. Chatbots - The New Sales Assistant

Whether it’s in-store sales or online sales, more and more companies are deploying chatbots for sales assistance.

Leveraging technologies like predictive modeling, sentiment analysis, combined with NLP (Natural Language Processing), it’s possible to produce empathetic chatbots that can sense what mood the customer is in, what he or she may be looking for and respond appropriately.

Such bot assistants not only improve engagement with customers but also automate several (mostly repetitive) retail processes.

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4. What Else Can A Chatbot Do?

It calls for a whole another post on possible uses of chatbots in retail. Here are some of the most widely used ideas:

  1. To help customers find items in your store.
  2. To track shipping information
  3. To assist to find nearest store locations
  4. To process orders
  5. To assist - as a personal stylist, as a personal adviser, or whatever you can think of.
  6. To convert your leads into customers.
  7. To record relevant data of the incoming users, eventually enabling you to strategize better.
  8. To promote brand value & customer loyalty through better engagement.

They’re highly customizable and their scope is endless.

5. Decreased Costs

By offering quicker and more precise responses, chatbots improve revenues as your customers are happier than ever before.

To do that, you won’t have to hire 24/7 chat executive. You can have a machine learning powered chatbot to do that job.

In our next post, find out several examples of chatbots already saving business operations costs, increasing revenues and making customers happy in retail sector.

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