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Roopak Gupta
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Gone are the days when websites were built to run in little squares, we call mobile phones. The whole investment from design to web development, content creation, and infrastructure was meant to be perfectly appearing through a mobile phone device. People also built responsive designs to enable the website to look flawless when the visitor sees it on a wider mobile device so the website tries to adjust itself to the changed shape of the device. Although, there is not much to worry about it right now, because this is considered the latest and hottest trend these days. This keeps us occupied, employed, and progressive. But do you remember the times, when people used to watch EGA videos on a black and white TV screen; even at that time, people kept them occupied, employed, and progressive.

So with the passage of time, we come across new devices, delivering better performance and user experience, and we say goodbye to old devices and contently acquire new ones. Sooner or later, the same will happen with mobile phones. Although, at the moment, everyone is happy to squint at their mobile screens whether they are travelling, attending a workshop, sitting on a train, or waiting at a bus stop. They take more interest in what is happening on that screen rather than what is taking place around them. These little squares have stolen the real-time experience from human beings, so it feels adequate to focus your entire web development endeavours to deliver a powerful user experience with respect to these tiny screens alone.

When we say mobile is worthless, we are right to some extent because nothing is going to last forever so people will not be satisfied with mobile screens for a long time to come. The mobile app industry will surely experience a drastic change in coming years where a new generation of infrastructure will be built enabling apps to run across a wide multiplicity of devices, and all at the same time. The customers are now inclined to interact through mediums other than mobile devices so organizations should attempt at devising a user experience that sprawls over many devices and a number of mediums.

Roopak Gupta

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