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Wondering How To Win The Semantic Search Game? Read This!

Semantic Search
Roopak Gupta
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Part I of IV: 8 Tips To Gain Effective Volume

Listen up... No more keywords.

It seems that Google's engineers took the instructions to heart if Larry Page ever spoke it.

Devising a comprehensive SEO strategy became a challenging task after the Hummingbird algorithm. Marketers were already struggling to create a successful strategy to get the respective brands at the top positions in the search engine.

However, the update of Google's Hummingbird in September 2013 shook the marketers to the very core as the keyword strategies were pointless.

To understand the complete technical analysis, read David Amberland's book on Google Semantic Search.

8 Steps To Strengthen Effective Volume

1. Content Volume

The two vital aspects that you need to consider for content volume are frequency and length.

a) Length

Have you ever asked your teacher how long in an essay you need to write?

Well, I did but was tired of hearing the repeated answer to this question, which was to write it long enough to cover properly. 

Although it took me long enough to understand what she actually meant.

The same goes for the blog content. For Google, it is 500+ words, and consider that you are also writing for the readers.

b) Frequency

Recently we introduced our outsourced marketing and sales clients to blogging.

Obviously, he didn't understand much at the beginning and inquired how frequently he should write blogs.

We kiddingly told him that there are recognized International standards for blogging.

As per these standards, the minimum standard to earn the Baron's title is to submit one blog every week. Similarly, submit two blogs every week for the title of a Prince.

This continued from the title of Duke for three blogs, King for four blogs, Emperor for five blogs, and the title of God for posting ten blogs a week.

He immediately aspired to the title of God in blogging without thinking that what a humongous undertaking it was.

However, he is still an aspiring Baron till now. So, which frequency of blog posting will you aim for?

2. Volume Of Social Media Profiles

Why does Google want to know who is following you?

However, they want to know the number of followers you have on your social media account.

It doesn't mean that it isn't important, but it is a trivial or a vanity metric compared to the quality.

What they really are interested in knowing is who is following you?

It simply means the level of engagement you are providing your followers.

3. Social Interaction Volume

Likes, comments, shares, and retweets signify that you are interacting with your posts.

In case nobody is reacting to your post, so does your post even matter?

The main objective is to create compelling and engaging content that reaches beyond your immediate network.

You don't need a viral video or post but something that creates a buzz. It should be remarkable that it doesn't crash and burn.

It needs to garner attention so that your connections share it. 

4. Social Engagement Volume

Now what exactly Google wants here? It is actually looking for a notable activity volume indicating both depth and breadth of engagement level.

What does it mean? Are they looking for comments?

By breadth, they mean the number of comments from visitors.

By depth, it means the dialogue happening in the common section.

Both are necessary.

5. Website Traffic Volume

Website traffic is an essential aspect. You run a minimal possibility to win a customer if nobody visits your physical store or visits your online store. 

However, on the off chance that all they are doing is stopping, glancing in the window, and moving on, then it didn't matter? Google also doesn't give such visits any relevance! 

If a customer stops by the store, stays on the website, explores other pages, drops comments, shares your content on social media networks, then this traffic is relevant!

 You may even get leads and conversions from those visitors you attract with website traffic.

6. Volume Of Mentions 

Is it right to say that you are recognized as an expert or specialist in your field? Will others also highlight you in that same way online?

All things considered, the bar is raised and Google is searching for what is known as co-citation. 

This is the place where others notice your website, services, or products in their posts as a sign on Google that you truly matter!

This is plainly a standard that you should meet as it was done in the good old days, you need to earn it!

7. Links Volume

The winners of Google's old game were those who secured links to their site.

It even didn't make any difference if those connections were authentic or not, and the websites that had the most connections would dominate the game! 

The new game destroys that approach. Presently, the important aspect is link quality.

You need links in high volume, however, those links should come from trusted sources that are relevant to your business.

The new game depends on authenticity and legitimacy. 

Actually, we favor the new game. Would you truly want to play some other way?

8. User-Generated Content Volume

At the highest mountain point in the new game, you can't create a difference with just high content volume, whereas the user-generated content volume will matter the most.

If you are delivering exceptional content, your readers are going to add their content to your site. So, your only option is to create awesome content or leave the game entirely.

It is the right opportunity for you to begin writing better and more frequently. 

According to a report, 93% of B2B advertisers are effectively engaging in content marketing. Your competition has undoubtedly started the game. Start your strategy to win this game now, before it's too late for you to try!

Succeeding in Semantic Search will not be an easy simple task. It will require deep dedication to producing successful content volume. Luckily, it's currently a level battleground, and you also can dominate the match!

We have just got started!

This is Part I of IV Wondering How To Win The Semantic Search Game? Read This! 8 Tips To Gain Effective Volume. 

Stay tuned with us to gain access to the upcoming Part II: 8 Tips to Effective Velocity, Part III: 8 Tips to Effective Variety, and Part IV: 8 Tips 8 to Effective Veracity.

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